Professor: Mary L. Kraft
University of Illinois
600 S Mathews Ave
208 RAL, MC-712
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: 217-333-2228

Overview of Kraft Lab Research

Cells are tiny but complex bioreactors. Cellular function is collectively determined by the combinations of biochemical reactions that occur within it. These biochemical reactions are ultimately controlled by the concentrations and proximities of biomolecules within the cell. A large portion of our research focuses on developing new tools for single cell analyses that overcome sigificant barriers that hinder progress in biomedical research.  The specific obstacle we often must address is the inability to image biomolecules within cells without perturbing their distributions or biological functions. theyacquire ing relate to We use these techniques for applied research, such as detecting stem cell differentiation for tissue engineering, and for basic research on the roles of lipids in plasma membrane organization, influenza virus replication, intracellular trafficking, and cell function.  

Our research can be broken down into the following areas:

Are you an undergraduate student that is interested in performing research in the Kraft lab? All undergraduate students must find a graduate student in the Kraft lab that will serve as their research mentor. Please contact the current graduate students to enquire about the availability of undergraduate research projects.